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MizAlmie private msg quote post Address this user

I want to stick to a program that is challenging and yet will help me with strength increase. I just started back with lifting from a 6month break. I got serious in the weight room for a year before the break.

I was wondering if the 5/3/1 program is suitable for me as a female (I'm sure you can tell from my profile pic, lol) and given the "lil" info above?

The trouble I'm encountering is my upper body. I feel lame posting what my actual 1rm, e.g: 30lbs on OHP.

To my understanding, I'm working with 90% of 30.

So came up with this:

Exercise Sets Reps LBS
Standing 3
Shoulder Press
 Week 1 5 18, 20, 23
 Week 2 3 19, 22, 24
 Week 3 5/3/1 20, 23, 27
 Week 4 5 10, 14, 16

If I'm doing the program as it is intended and written, the numbers above are just hard to work with and downright disappointing.

Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.
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RobotEars private msg quote post Address this user
I'm doing 5/3/1 at the moment and you're going to get screwball numbers no matter your 1RM when using percentages. I just either round up or down. As for being disappointed with the weight... I'm not going to quote him, but in his 5/3/1 article, Wendler basically says to look at the long term. As long as you're adding weight each month, it's working. Go with it, give it some time, and adjust as necessary. It doesn't matter where you start, what matters is progression. I struggled squatting 135x10 when I started about 15 months ago... I've added about 100lbs since then. Is it big boy weight? Nope, but it's better. Progress not perfection.
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Dem41 private msg quote post Address this user
5/3/1 is a great program, it may seem light weights at first, but like@RobotEars posted, it's meant to be a long term program. That's where the final set of the day comes in, with as many reps as you can with good form. always pushing for a new PR on reps.
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Jsn3004 private msg quote post Address this user
Like you said, you want to stick to a program. Wendler says that you'll be working out years from now so don't worry about the numbers right now. Just stay consistent and you'll see great progress. I know people who ran 5/3/1 for a year and swear by it, all of their lifts increased exponentially, and so will yours.
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MizAlmie private msg quote post Address this user
"Progress not perfection" thanks for the reminder.

@RobotEars @Dem41 @Jsn3004

Super encouraging words. Glad to hear some of your positive experiences with the program and input.

Thank you!
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