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Hey Guys,

First of all I have read the FAQ and got a lot of information. Thanks.

I did for 10 weeks push pull workout my weight is now 91 kg with 15% of body fat.
Now I have started this workout. My concern is that is too less because there is no power movements with heavy sets.

Much appreciated about your feedbacks.
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Since you read the faq you must have noticed that program was 'missing'. The program you linked is not in the faq because there is no scientific design to it. Sites will make a random list of exercises with various rep ranges and call it a SHREDDER X GET RIPPED FAST X 30 DAY ABS just to get views on their site and create ad revenue.

Go back through the faq and have a look at a different program.

Also there is the routine design for dummies sticky if you insist on making your own routine(I don't recommend you do that)
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first of all thanks for the quick reply but their are some trainings in the FAQ such as Strong Lifts, Ice Cream Fitness etc..

May I ask you for a feedback from a different view how this program is?

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I agree with @SOLARSUPLEX The routine is called "12 Week Fat Destroyer: Complete Fat Loss Workout & Diet Program" It just uses words that'll target a wider audience who wants to lose fat. Alot of people want results right now, that's why they use names like that.

I think you should go back through the FAQ and choose one of the programs that are listed on there. They are proven to work wonders.
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