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Short workouts - max ot?17574

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From Monday, because of my new job, I'll have to workout early in the morning. I have time for 45 min workouts (at most). I like MAX-OT philosophy and wonder if the following routine makes sense to you

atm my numbers are:

squat 140kg x 6
deads 170kg x 5
bench 110 kg x 4

(only working sets listed)

mon - back

deadlifts 2x4-6
weighted pullups 2x4-6
bb rows 2x4-6
shrugs 2x4-6

tue - chest

flat bench 2x4-6
incline bench 2x4-6
dips 2x4-6

wed - legs

squats 3x4-6
leg press 2x4-6
sldl 2x4-6
leg press calf raises 3x6-8
seated calf raises 2x6-8

thu - arms

bb curls 3x4-6
db curls 2x4-6
ez bar extensions 3x4-6
pushdowns 2x4-6
wrist curls 3x6-8

fri - shoulders, abs

seated bb press 3x4-6
side db raises 2x6-8
rear db raises 2x6-8
cable crunches 3x8-10
leg raises 2x8-10

Thanks for any suggestions
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
Too much push, not enough pull. No direct hamstring work in terms of knee flexion. An entire day for arms isn't necessary. Have you read the two sticky threads? There's some good routines in there. 45 minutes is more than enough to fit it 25-30 sets. What you have listed shouldn't take more than 15-18 minutes. -3X
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