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Question About female weightlifting plan17519

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I plan to start the routine I found on the website, I can only work out four days a week and they are consecutive, Mon. - Thurs. The routine calls for Mon. Upper Body, Tues. Lower Body, Wed. rest, Thurs. Upper Body and Fri. Lower body. I am wondering if it would be horribly bad for me to do the workout consecutively with no rest day in the middle. I would still get three days of rest on Fri. Sat. Sun. but I can't help but wonder if doing the same exercises this close in proximity will be safe? I've been told 24-48 hours is ideal rest and recovery time but I want to make sure I'm not going to kill myself or put myself out of commission. If it helps here is a link to the training guide. Thanks
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I doubt you'll recover in time to do proper sessions in under 48 hours.
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