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Thoughts on RPE system and DUP program?17508

Blackbasara private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone,

I'm gonna be coached by Garret blevins. I will be running his program which is based off of RPE system. It's dup program but but pretty much different from what mike zordous preaches about doing hypertrophy, strength and power in same week. Which Garret and Mike israetel says you get worse results doing because your body doesn't respond properly to different stimulus your are putting on it. So it's better to separate blocks in to hypertrophy, strength and peak.
Anyone running this sort of block periodization over here and getting better PRs compare to other type of cookie-cutter program which are available on internet?

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mikew private msg quote post Address this user
I think the block-style training and RPE is ideal. Two challenges imo...

1) Creating the RPE program - I'm guessing the YouTube vid addresses this?? (Haven't watched it but last time I looked into creating an RPE program I got very confused - lol)

2) Must workout in a team environment. In my experience your adrenaline level affects your RPE and it's easier to get psyched up when training as part of a team... so if I'm training alone my RPE is going to be different than if training with a team.
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
@Blackbasara CUrrent being working with garrett for bout 18weeks now... did 12weeks solely with him and then jumped on board for the 20week off season DUP program and i love it.
I think everyone should use the RPE scale and i wish someone explained the system to me earlier in life and it would have saved me ALOT of hardship and time and LOST GAINS.

U'll love it man garrett is such a good dude and crazy knowledgable.
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Blackbasara private msg quote post Address this user
How did your main lifts go for 1RM? Amrap on deadlift ain't they taxing on CNS?
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
@Blackbasara 15kg up on squat 10kg on bench and my deadlift didnt go up but my form was MUCH better cause i used to keep hurting myself testing 1rm on deads.
Mate taxing the CNS is just another fuckin buzz phrase thats currently circling the fitness community.. It used to be Overtraining.
Yeah it's a bitch but it's basically cardio.. haha.
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