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Hi guys, I'm 25, 1.70m and 105kg or 5'7 and 231 lbs. I've lost 10kg so far, I used to be 116 kg (255lbs). I want to work towards something healthy, which means dropping at least 20kg (44lbs).

I've done SL so far and my stats are:

Squat: 5x5x110kg
Bp: 5x5x80kg
DL: 1x5x100kg

I really want to increase my stamina from now on as well, so one thing I'm going to do is starting with C25K running program which is 3 times 20 minutes a week.

As for fitness, I feel like I should not continue with strength programs (for now) such as SS, ICF or SL. I want to spend more time in the gym as I feel daily activity is a must for me to concentrate on what my goal is, losing fat, increasing stamina and working towards an aesthetic look. I'm going to limit myself to 2000 kcal a day.

I kind of need advice on what program/routine I should do. I wouldn't mind spending every day in the gym if that's necessary. I'm also unsure about the sets/reps I should do, I tried out some self-made up 3x8 program where I did every muscle group twice a week but I felt as if I was doing something wrong really fast.

Thanks in advance guys.
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The Dark
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There are two very helpful threads at the top of the main forum page that are starred (the FAQ thread and the Routine Design thread). Read them both, as they will likely answer most/all of your questions. -3X
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