For the past few years I've worked out at my local gym cutting down from 100+ kg to present weight 81.6kg at 6' / 47 years

I'm looking lean and at the same time putting on muscle mass I know is a slow process and working at a computer all day does not help.

To help make up for that I cycle back and forth to work and my local gym and have a fairly advanced routine. Ultimately I'd like to perfect my schedule/routine and once thats in the bag...I'd like to think 83-85kg at 8-10% is comfortable, achievable...!?

Diet wise, I'm eating about 1800-2000 cals per day over 6 meals and if I eat any more due to my work schedule it seems to turn to fat.

I'm carrying one or two injuries which is ok and apart from that....Time wise no problem.

Ultimately I just want to see some good results.......!!