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Not a tighter butt, but a bigger butt17415

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Hello everyone,
I've been looking for a good butt workout routine but it's not so eazy. Why? Because i see a lot of girls are training for a tighter butt and legs. What i want is a bigger butt. Does anyone know a good workout routine?

I also heard that when you use heavy weights, less reps (squats) your butt is getting bigger. Is this true?

I just don't know wich exercises are good, how much weight and how many times i should do that...
I hope that someone can help me. I'll be really thankful.
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need current butt pictures to formally assess this.
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Don't igonre hip thrusts/glute bridges. I feel like girls are so crazy about the squats, but there are many other exercises that will help you build nice, round glutes.

As mentioned- hip thrusts, lunges, floor work (with ankle weights/resistance bands) focusing on your hamstrings (e. g. donkey kicks, rainbows).

I do circuit training on a leg/glute day and I love it. A lot of different movements with heavy/low weight. Just keep it various.

But most importantly- eat more than you need. You won't build the butt while cutting. Maybe I am wrong, but this is just my experience.
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