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Hi guys,

I'm new to this site and people here seem to be more friendly on other sites so I'm working up the courage to write a post.

I was training and dieting down for a show until I shuddered an achilles tendon injury. Shortly following, I then broke my pointer finger in a soccer game (just my luck)

I was dieting down and looking great. I was doing fasted cardio 5x a week, carb cycling, and lifting intensely 3-4 times a week. I ended up weighing about 134 pounds before I got hurt.

When I hurt my leg, I had a very inactive lifestyle, which lead me to gain almost 20 pounds . Now I'm trying to lose it but it's seem to not be coming off easily at all.

My current macros are:
Low carb days
1500 calories
150 protein
75 carbs
67 fat

High carb days:
1500 calories
150 protein
150 carbs
33 fat

No Carb day
169 protein
38 carb (or less)
75 fat

I was told to put fat in place of carbs and eat one gram of protein per pound you weigh. I'm just unsure of the fat it seems a little high....should I lower the fat? should I eat more calories on a high carb day? I'm just very confused. Thanks y'all!
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The Dark
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^^ this and have a read of the FAQ thread. Carb cycling and fasted cardio are pretty pointless for natural athletes. Your Kcals seem way low as well. -3X
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paigepal private msg quote post Address this user
I'm a little confused because I don't really see his question answered either. I understand a deficit is the #1 thing to consider when on a cut but I had a lot of luck carb cycling in reference to keeping muscle and losing fat. However, I feel the problem was I was only eating 1300 calories and hungry all the time. So this time k decided to increase it to 1500. Even at 1500, I'm not seeing much results as I was on the 1300 diet

I don't know if it's because my metabolism is shot or something. I just don't get it . That's why I thought maybe the fat was too high? Still confused.
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The Dark
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Macronutrient ratios have been demonstrated time and time and time again to make no difference. You'll lose or gain the same amount of weight based on total calories, not how they're distributed. If you're not losing weight on an unsafe 1500 kcals, it's time to look into reverse dieting for metabolic damage and stop the low-carb nonsense. Just because you got results with carb cycling, does not mean you got optimal results or that you got them in the only way possible. -3X
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Ok, I understand your perspective......but now looking for additional perspectives.....thanks for your input
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The Dark
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Not trying to be a jerk, but the collection of clinical literature is not a "perspective." Do you accept that gravity exists or do you look for other perspectives on that as well? It sounds like you're simply trying to find validation for your current eating habits.

In the FAQ thread are links to a significant amount of research indicating that carbs do not prevent fat loss in any way, shape or form.

Food for thought:

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@paigepal listen to the man he knows his stuff.
It doesn't matter what u do daily to a certain extent it's the overall intake over the course f the week and ur eating like a bikini competitor...
No offence I'm just using the harsh truth to shock u a bit !!
Carbs too low on training off and low days...
Fats too low...
If I were consulting for you is have you go trough a body recomp to bring ur cals back up to where they should be and then IF u needed to lose weight and wanted to compete I'd tell u whether it would be worth ur time or not...
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