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Volume or Frequency - what's more important?17258

THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
For growth.

Say you will do 100 total reps of a given move in a workout once per week.
Would it be better, worse, or indifferent to break it in half and do it twice a week?
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
@wannabemuscular Studies have shown that 2-3times per week is definately better for growth than 1 bodypart xWeek programs for Natural athletes.
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THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
Even if it's less volume per workout? That's where I'm uncertain.

I have a Bench day and an OHP day 1x per week each. I'd like to do them both 2x per week, but in order to fit them in together I'll have to do a bit less for each. Still better that way?
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
@wannabemuscular What i've learned from my new coach is that u keep ur frequency the same for the most part and the periodize ur volume.
So u start ur cycle with lower intensities and higher volume adn then as the weeks progress u increase the intensity and lower the volume. So u get a good balance of strength and hypertrophy throughout the cycle.
So u could do higher rep benches with low innsity and then lower rep OHP with higher intensity and rotate this week to week OR keep both higher rep/low intensity and the following week lower the volume and increase the intensity. This way in the grand scheme of things u cover all areas.
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_RudeCrew private msg quote post Address this user
Frequency probably. Say you do 100 reps, you're fatigued by the time you get to the last 50. Splitting them up lets you go harder on those last 50.
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Jsn3004 private msg quote post Address this user
Frequency imo. Although my diet has been on track which is most important, ever since I lowered the volume in my workouts I believe that super high volume, chasing the pump, etc. isn't as sufficient.
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Jordan17 private msg quote post Address this user
I asked this exact same question to ek a long time ago and he said that generally speaking yes it is more effective to work the muscle twice a week as long as the sets and reps are enough to be effective
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Rawsteel private msg quote post Address this user
Frequency is MUCH more important, especially since it doesn't require much volume to fully peak the protein synthesis in a muscle, and when it's peaked, more volume won't give you more growth, only an increased recovery time and endurance.
Below you have a pretty recent study where they compared the typical "brosplit" with a full body program.

Originally Posted by Influence of Resistance Training Frequency on Muscular Adaptations in Well-Trained Men.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of training muscle groups 1 day per week using a split-body routine (SPLIT) vs. 3 days per week using a total-body routine (TOTAL) on muscular adaptations in well-trained men. Subjects were 20 male volunteers (height = 1.76 ± 0.05 m; body mass = 78.0 ± 10.7 kg; age = 23.5 ± 2.9 years) recruited from a university population. Participants were pair matched according to baseline strength and then randomly assigned to 1 of the 2 experimental groups: a SPLIT, where multiple exercises were performed for a specific muscle group in a session with 2-3 muscle groups trained per session (n = 10) or a TOTAL, where 1 exercise was performed per muscle group in a session with all muscle groups trained in each session (n = 10). Subjects were tested pre- and poststudy for 1 repetition maximum strength in the bench press and squat, and muscle thickness (MT) of forearm flexors, forearm extensors, and vastus lateralis. Results showed significantly greater increases in forearm flexor MT for TOTAL compared with SPLIT. No significant differences were noted in maximal strength measures. The findings suggest a potentially superior hypertrophic benefit to higher weekly resistance training frequencies.

And here's one of the biggest meta studies made about frequency, intensity and volume.
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