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Hello All,

Currently rocking the below 4 day split, compound lifts are 5 x 5 and isolation are 3 x 8. Been doing it for four weeks and have improved in all my lifts.

Bench Press
Cable Row
Incline DB Curl
Abdominal Leg Raises

Front Squat
Military Bar Press
Hack Squat
Lateral Raises

Bent Over Row
Incline Dumbells
assisted chins(Because im weak AF)
Cable Twists/lumberjacks
Cocoon situps

Barbell Lunges
Narrow Bench
Lat Pull Down
T Bar Row
Single Arm arnold press
Barbell Overhead Tricep Extension

As Im only doing 1/2 exercises for a body part a day I don't get the usual 'pump' that I would if I was doing single body areas in a training session and I don't feel like I work the body part/area hard enough with one exercise.
I also find there are some exercises that I would normally do but don't fit into current workout routine like shrugs, farmers walks and chest flys.
As its been four weeks, would you suggest spending a week working on individual body parts? or would you suggest having a deload week and then continuing back with the above?

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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
I'd advise reading the "Routine for Dummies," thread. What you have outlined is somewhat poorly balanced. And by somewhat, I mean "very." -3X
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blakeyt93 private msg quote post Address this user
duly noted. have gone for an uppper/lower split. advice much appreciated!
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