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I considered doing PHUL and PHAT and ended up last month doing a 4-day PHAT leaving the lower hypertrophy day which turns out to be less than optimal according to some people. Now I consider to compress the split upper hypertrophy days of PHAT into one day which leaves me with a hypertrophy lower day. However with 2x upper 2x lower there is PHUL to consider as well and they look quite similar to each other. So I thought why not combine them?
I really liked the concept of PHAT where the upper hypertrophy part was split into two so that I could focus those muscle groups more separately. So I tried letting the amount of exercises I already did leave as they were. Thereby I moved biceps and triceps to leg day so that it doesn't add up a lot on upper hypertrophy day. I also gave a little more twist to the original routine of PHAT. I would love to know your opinions and advice about this routine so I can get the most out of it.
My goal is to slowly bulk, aiming at 1kg mass gain per month while eating clean.

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Why not just do a simple push pull legs... Just keep it simple and basic.
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If you mean the 3-day PPL program I think progress can be better made when training same muscle groups twice a week. If you mean the 5-day rotating PPL routine I only have time for 4 days in a week as a student. I think 2x upper 2x lower like PHUL suits me best for bulking but I really liked the concept of PHAT after performing it for a month so I tried combining them
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