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I'm a 21 yo male bodybuilder. i have been bodybuilding for around 3 years now and its that time of year when im cutting. for the last 2-3 months i have been eating around 2200 calories a day and at the start, it was going well but i have since hit a plateau. for the last month I've barely lost any weight and over the last 2 days my hunger cravings have been out of control and i have eaten probably over 3000 calories today and yesterday. i do cardio about twice a week and I'm probably sitting at around 10% body fat at 78kg. is there any advice anyone could give me on how to break through this plateau? and how i can stop binge eating ? thanks in advance
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Sweet baby Jesus Uve been the same weight for a month.. What a waste of time man.
Lower calories increase cardio...
Also I would tend to include CARB refeeds every 7-10days when their bf% is that low and they've been dieting over 8weeks.
Notice I didn't say a cheat day or meal I said carb refeed !!
Ur body come the next morning is always awesome ! 😁
Lower ur fats slightly, maybe 20g less protein and increase ur carbs and eat roughly maintenance cals or slightly lower !!
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