so been browsing the forums for the last couple of weeks and finally decided to sign up and drop a post.

Age: 22
Height: 185cm
Weight: 76KG

had 6 months off training due to an elbow injury/being lazy and have got back into training for the last couple of weeks. Currently training on a 5 day split but from reading on here, rippedbody and other sites it seems like something similar to a 5x5 or big compound routine is the way to go.

Decided that 5 days is currently too much and leaves me lagging /tired often. I've decided on a four day split with four different exercise days:

Bench Press
Cable Row
Incline DB Curl
Abdominal Leg Raises

Front Squat
Military Bar Press
Hack Squat
Lateral Raises

Bent Over Row
Incline Dumbells
assisted chins(Because im weak AF)
Cable Twists/lumberjacks
Cocoon situps

Barbell Lunges
Narrow Bench
Lat Pull Down
T Bar Row
Single Arm arnold press
Barbell Overhead Tricep Extension

The main compound moves will be 5 x 5. isolation exercises will be 3 x 8 - 10.

From not training for 6 months I actually lost 9kg. From the last few weeks training I have got back to lifting close to the same weight but being substantially lighter. I have gained around 0.5kg in 3/4 weeks of lifting so would appear i'm gaining slightly in muscle mass and losing body fat (if its not broken then dont fix it)

Protein: 202g
Carbs: 326g
Fat: 75g
Cals: 2791

Looking for some opinions on the above. Is there anything you would suggest I mixed up/changed?
Feedback greatly appreciated.