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Follow me on my 6-week diet/exercise plan!17116

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Hey everyone,

So it's my first post on simplyshredded, I've been working out on and off for about 2 years now and got into the gym at least 4 times a week this summer. I'm starting my sophomore year of college so I'm beginning a 6-week workout plan that consists of lifting and a mixture of steady-state and HIIT cardio along with a 6-week fat burn eating plan that allows me to play with my macros.

I'm 19ys old currently 5'5&1/2" at about 130 pounds, not sure what my body fat% but if I find out I'll let you guys know. I lost 20 pounds last school year because I couldn't keep my calories up so hopefully by counting macros I'll see some progress.

I like freedom when it comes to choosing my exercises so I just pre-plan what I'm going to do the night before, I workout in the morning at about 7 or 8AM depending on when my classes start that day. I'm going to be recording my exercise/weight/rep everyday and posting it here every night. I'll also be uploading photos periodically. Any and all tips are welcomed!

Here is the workout plan:

Monday - Steady-State(20mins) Lower Body(30mins) HIIT(10mins)
Tuesday - Stead-State(45mins-1hr)
Wednesday - Steady-State(30mins) Upper Body(30mins)
Thursday - Steady-State (20mins) or off
Friday - Steady-State(20mins) Lower body(30mins) HIIT (10mins)
Saturday - Steady-State(45mins-1hr)
Sunday - Steady-State(30mins) Upper Body(30mins)

You'll see me attend a yoga class before or after my workout as often as I can (they are usually pretty packed)

Here is my diet plan:

1,835 Calories | 20% Fat : 30% protein : 50% Carbs
41g 138g 230g

Week 1: + Reduce Carbs by 1/2 for 4 days
+ Eliminate Carbs from your last meal

Week 2: + Add 50g of protein & 5-8 grams of leucine per day

Week 3: + Add a fat burner (super HD)
+ Cut carbs further on one of your low carb days

Week 4: + Schedule 40 minutes of fasted medium-high intensity cardio first thing in the morning

Week 5: + Have a 500-700 calorie cheat meal on a regular carb day
+ Add 50% more sets to weight workout (Once a week)

Week 6: + Take a break for a full 3 days

I'll be starting on 9/14 ---> I have training for a program I'm involved in for incoming freshman & I want to get adjusted to my class schedule for the first week!

Thank you, & let me know what you think of the plan!

xx Mikaela
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Zyzzst private msg quote post Address this user
It looks like you put some thought into this! Good luck and I'll be checking back in here and following your progress!
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
You put a lot of thought into that, clearly, but it looks like a disaster to me. Too much cardio to start with, no need to monkey around with carbs, no benefit to fasted cardio over fed. Good luck, but I wouldn't touch that plan or advise it to any of my patients or clients.

And before all you white knights jump my shit because every time a girl posts here you act like a bunch of seventh grade boys and start in with the, "you're an asshole," stuff, let me remind you, the OP said: "let me know what you think of the plan!" -3X
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Mikaelakins private msg quote post Address this user
Here's my updated macros:

1639 Calories | Carbs 48.8% : Protein 26.2% : Fat 25.0%
200g 107g 46g

@eknight Steady state is a warmup, I'm pretty content with my cardio load- I agree with the carbs, not sure how this will work with my body but I figured a 6 week run is a good way to test it out. I also don't plan on doing any fasted cardio, I'm doing a pre and post shake with a banana. Thank you for your comment, I did certainly ask
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Zyzzst private msg quote post Address this user
@eknight hahaha cracking me up
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ErickFromOmaha private msg quote post Address this user
i never ask for eknights opinion because I know by the time he gives it I won't even know the meaning of life anymore lol.

OP I agree on the carbs don't toy with them their not bad they just have a bad rep because everyone wanted a fad and it happened to be carbs are the antichrist.

Welcome to SS by the way.
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A_em private msg quote post Address this user
Welcome, @Mikaelakins,

Sounds like plan!

However, stick here for longer and you will get rid of most of this cardio and your warm ups will last 10 mins top!

Good luck and keep posting!
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