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hulkZ private msg quote post Address this user
Hello guys, I'm new here. I will start PHAT from tomorrow so i made little research for this program and i found 2 versions of this program: Version 1 and Version 2

So I'd like to make mix of these two versions:

Power Upper Day
- Bent over or Pendlay rows (i can rotate these exercises)
- Front pulldowns (I can't do pull ups)
- Rack chins
- Bench press ( or Dumbbells, give me advice?)
- Overhead press
- Cambered bar curls
- Skull Crushers
( Maybe you are confused why there is no Dips, but i don't have strength for that exercise )

Power Lower Day
- Squats
- Hack squats
- Leg extensions
- Stiff legged deadlifts
- Glute Bridges ( Lying leg curls in my gym is simple bullsh*t)
- Standing calf raise
- Seated Calf Raises
- Weighted Crunches (what do you think about this?)

Hypertrophy days stay same as in Version 1 but i will skip Seated leg curls (don't have that machine)

That's all .. I would like to hear your opinions about this.. Thanks!
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shannowman private msg quote post Address this user
In all honesty if you can't do dips or pull-ups you don't need to be doing phat yet. I'd just go much simpler and hit something like starting strength.
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hulkZ private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah.. maybe.. But i decided to try this program (something more like version 2) but however i will try it.
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darklight79 private msg quote post Address this user
You're asking for opinions. You got a good one earlier yet you chose to disregard it. How long have you been lifting?
IMO PHAT is a very solid program but not recommended for beginners.
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