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Can you critique my routine?17028

rickyloot private msg quote post Address this user
Hi. So I’ve decided to quit SL 5x5, drop it to 3x5 with modifications and accessory.
What are your opinions on this workout?
My goal is to gain strength and then jump on some more hypertrophy focused routine (PHUL, PHAT or something like that). I plan on doing this workout just until the end of august or so..

Workout A

Squat 3x5 + deload and 1xAMRAP
Bench Press 5x5 (5x5 until I will keep up with it, then change to 3x5 + deload and 1xAMRAP)
Bent Over Row 3x5 + deload and 1xAMRAP

Superset 3-4x8-12
Barbell Shrugs
Lateral raise

Triceps pushdown 3x8-12
Standing calf raise 3x15-20

Weighted chin-up 3-4xAMRAP

Workout B

Squat 3x5 + deload and 1xAMRAP
Overhead press 3x5 + deload and 1xAMRAP
Deadlift 1x5 + deload and 1xAMRAP

Superset 3-4x8-12
Incline dumbbell press
Cable row

Superset 3-4x8-12
Barbell curl

Weighted pullup 3-4xAMRAP
Bent-over lateral raise 3-4x12-15

Working out 3 times a week, switching between A and B.

Currently bulking at 2500 Kcal.
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
Too much pull, not enough push. No direct knee flexion exercise. Running this 3 weeks is pointless. Strength adaptations- noticeable significant ones anyway- take at least 6 weeks. -3X
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