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I've been thinking of running phat but on hypertrophy days doing a push pull legs then what norton has set up. gonna post routine, any critiques or advice would be great.

upper power
bent over rows 3x5
pullups 4x6-8
bench 3x3
dips 2x6-8
shoulder press 3x6-8
ez bar curls 3x6-8
cgb 3x6-8

lower power
squats 3x3
leg press 2x6-8
leg extensions 2x6-8
stiff legged deads 3x5-8
leg curls 2x6-8
standing clefs 3x6-8
seated calfs 2x6-8

pulldowns 4x8-12
tbar rows 5x8-12
db rows 4x8-12
shrugs 3x8-12
ez curls 5x8-12
face pulls 5x8-12

incline bench 5x8-12
flat db 4x8-12
db shoulder press 4x8-12
side raises 4x8-12
machine flys 4x8-12
rope pushdowns 5x8-12

deadlifts 3x1-3
hack squats 3x8-12
lunges 2x8-12
leg extensions 3x15-20
leg curls 2x12-15
seated leg curls 2x15-20
calf raises 4x10-15
seted calfs 3x15-20
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This is similar to what I've been running the past month. I really like it. I felt like I wasn't getting enough recovery time with the standard PPL and I like going heavy at 5-8 reps.
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