Waddup guys. Just sharing what i have come up with in my quick reading of pain relief of the SI joint. I was trying to PR on deadlifts (failed 385lb) a few days ago and ever since i have had a strange pain in my tailbone area.

Did some googling and came up with the SI joint.

More or less the pain is more of an extreme tightness just below my lower back.

After watching countless youtube videos and stretching/foam rolling, for an hour i came up with this list that helped tremendously.

Lower back foam roll provided some instant relief

Chilling in a deep squat position and letting your ass just sink down into the floor really helped.

Loads and loads of hamstring stretches!

And all the exercises in the following video:

Figured i would share incase anybody else has woken up with this odd pain and just popped a Tylenol instead of trying to deal with it.