Hey, firstly thanks for all the help from this community on THIS site. The education of high carb, low fat, moderate protein dieting with re-feeding, monitoring metabolic changes and making small adjustments over huge ones has helped me a lot! I learnt a lot from the community here and Eric Helm's videos.

Before pic (did a few pushups) 165-170lbs

4 months later (i think)

After pic (morning, no pump or gym, a bit watery because i’d eaten lots of carbs day before as i was about a week into my reverse diet ) (137-140lbs 5’9/10)

I want a fitness model physique as opposed to a bodybuilders.

For my cut, I’ve been doing the following split high volume 5x8-12 (5-8 on big lifts (bench/incline/row/squat/military press) + cardio 2-4x/week:

Back + Abs
Shoulders + Abs
Bis+Tris + Abs

I’ve now got rid of the cardio and I’ve been reverse dieting for around 3 weeks now. Started on 1950-2k calories, now eating 2350 calories. I’m adding 10 calories everyday.

My weight since reverse dieting has floated around 137-141lbs

138.6 ps
139.2 (2210)
138.4 (2300)

Anyway, my problem is that I’m starting a new job as a doctor and feel I won’t be able to dedicate as much time to a high volume 5 day split. Can someone please advice me on where to go training program wise where I still feel constantly challenged but maybe not so drained?

I know I have a lot of weak points, definitely arms and posterior delt/back, along with abdominal weaknesses. The cut has also really cut back the strength in my chest but shoulders/legs/back have all recovered nicely. For my relatively low weight, I think I look okay and my strength is okay for it again but in the next 6-12 months I'm hoping to put on 10-20lbs slowly.

I know the answer to this question isn’t an easy one as not all training programs suit everyone so I’m open to all suggestions please. I've heard of people doing chest/back etc but would really love to learn how it works.


1. Please advise me on reverse dieting and if my weight floating is okay
2. Please advise me on a new training program I can start which might be more advantageous than a 5 day high volume split.