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Hey so I started in the gym a month ago, I dont think i see any results but i dont expect to after only a month

my body type is unusual, i have very high body fat on thighs and lower stomach/hips, but very skinny upper body arms chest shoulders etc.

I was in the gym about a year ago and really was motivated to gain muscle and bulk up, I was eating roughly 4000 calories a day and going to the gym 4 times a week, after 3 months i was seeing no results and gained about a stone of fat on my legs and lower body.

I used to be stick skinny so with a skinny upper body and big legs you can imagine how stupid i look.

im currently trying to loose alot of weight on my legs and tone them up, and gain alot of weight on my upper body and build muscle and bulk.

im eating roughly 2500/3000 calories a day, in the gym i do a 20 min run on the treadmill first, i do dumbless flyes with 10kg weights, i always try manage 3 sets of 12 but sometimes am not physically able to finish 3rd set so i do another set of 15 or whatever i can manage on 8kg weights, then i do the same with dumbell presses using the 10kg weight or the 8kg weight when i cannot manage to finish 3rd set with the 10kg weights

with my legs i do weighted squats and lunges, and also do 3 reps of 15 on a leg press machine at 260 pounds, my legs are actually quite muscular just have a layer of fat over them.

Im really determined to change my body and am prepared to spend a years doing it, i am currently 12 stone and 6 foot 1 , i was 13.5 stone in april and lost all that weight by eating healthy, i do kickboxing twice a week at a high intensity.

id appreciate any tips at all thank you for reading!
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Holy cow, this is all over the place.

Don't go to the gym and just lift random shit. Pick a routine. Start with low weights that you can do easily, and try to progress a little every time you go.

Don't do cardio every time you lift. And I personally wouldn't do it BEFORE you lift. The kickboxing is enough.

Find out your maintenance calories. Track what you eat. As you fall into your routine, adjust so that you are in a slight caloric deficit, and go from there.

The FAQ thread has info on all of this.
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