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I am 39 and have been training for a few years,I am doing 531 simplest strength right now and have subbed in reverse lunges and b split squats because of some back issues.I lost a bunch I weight and got to 156 in dec,I am now around 165,I have slowly been upping calories to my current 3000,I seem to put fat on pretty quick so I'm going slow,like 1/2 lb per week.I have been at around 300c/250p/85f on workout days(4)and around 200c/250p/110-120f on non work out days(3).Is this cycling helping or hurting my goal of slow lean mass gains.
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Probably not making much of a difference at all unless you are feeling a little lack of energy in the gym because if theblow carbs on off days.

I can tell you eating more than 200g of carbs a day certainly won't hurt you, though.
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The Dark
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Changing your macros isn't going to make a difference at all. Weight gains are based in total kcal intake and expenditure, not the source of those kcals. -3X
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