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Hey guys! I've been lurking on the site for a while and finally decided to sign up and hopefully get some valuable advice and some questions answered.

So I've been working out and lifting for around 6/7 years now. It wasn't until recently that I started to make my own workouts. I was usually given a workout/lifting manual and followed it. Recently I've been finding lifts online and putting my own stuff together. However I think I'm not lifting for my goals. I'm lifting more as a bodybuilder/power lifter. While I'm having fun with it I want to get a more specified lifting and diet program for me as an athlete.

I understand the basic concepts of diet for bodybuilders where there is bulking (calorie surplus) and cutting (calorie deficit). However I'm curious if this is the best way to go about as an athlete. I recently was sick and lost some weight otherwise I was happy with my weight (220-225 lb). So I don't really need to bulk unless you guys see it necessary. But I also don't want to lose any weight. Thoughts/suggestions on a diet for a football athlete?

As for lifting/workout program. I really have no idea how to structure a new plan. I usually go to the gym for 2 or 3 hours, take my time, hit the body part I'm working for the day and get out. I feel like I need to pick more explosive and full body lifts/movements to benefit me on the field (Outside Linebacker). Is there a good program out there that would fit my needs or that I could modify a bet to help me become a better athlete?

I'd also like to see if anyone could help me put together a running/conditioning program for the summer. I'd imagine having sprints, footwork, and plyos but again I have no idea what specifics or splits would work best.

I want a new lifting and conditioning program that is most beneficial for an outside linebacker. I also want a suggestion for diet seeing as I don't want to bulk or cut.

Any and all input is welcome! Glad to join the community!
Thanks much,
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nine0seven private msg quote post Address this user
Westside barbell 4 skinny bastards is by far the best program for athletes. Highly recommend it.
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DanOpi private msg quote post Address this user
Hmm looks interesting. Give you a lot of variation. Is there a set split that you know works well for athletes or is it just kind of pick and choose?
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Kansas___Boyyyyy private msg quote post Address this user
Found this in 4 seconds of a google search for collegiate linebacker lifting routine, among other links,
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basically research strength and conditioning coaches and see if you cant scrounge up a routine.
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DanOpi private msg quote post Address this user
Oops double post sorry. And I've been searching but really want to get a program that people know works and so on.

I know the typical "Use the search button" and I'm truly sorry! I just want to learn more behind lifting for athletes and dieting for someone like me.
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Arimac44 private msg quote post Address this user
Try this link. Should have everything you need. 5/3/1 for Football: The Physical Development of a Hostile Team.

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