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Wanted to try make my own upper/lower split I will most likely get a lot of shit for this routine but wanted to hear what you guys thought about it none the less. Critique and or questions are more than welcome will do my best to answer what you ask

Lower squats (1) monday
5/3/1 squats (workup to 90%)
Paused squats 4x3
SLDL 3x6-8
Lunges 2x10-12
Leg extensions 3x8:6:20
Leg curls 3x8:6:20
Calves 5sets

Upper Bench (1) Tuesday
5/3/1- Bech (workup to 90% of 1RM)
Incline dumbbell 2x6-8
Dips 2x6-8
Military dumbbell press 2x6-8
Chins 2x6:6 up 1every week
Rows 3x6-8
WGLP 3x8:6:20
Sidelaterals 3x10-12 //
Reardelt flies 3x10-12
Machine straight curls 2x20::10//
V-bar pushdowns 2x20::10
Machine rope curls 2x10:x:x rest pause//
Overhead tricep extension 2x10:x:x rest pause

Lower deadlift (2) Thursday
Deadlift 5/3/1 work up to 90%
Deficit deadlift 4x3
Front squats 4x6-8
Lunges 2x10-12
Leg extensions 3x8:6:20
Leg curls 3x8:6:20

Upper military (2) Friday
5/3/1 military press
Close grip bench 2x6-8
Dips 2x6-8
Dumbbell flies (chest) 2x10-12
Chins 2x6:6
BB-Rows 3x6-8
WGLP 3x8:6:20
Lateral raises 3x10-12//
Rear delt flies 3x10-12
Dumbbell curls 2x6-8//
Dumbbell extension 2x6-8
reverse curl 2x10:x:x
V-bar pushdown 2x10:x:x
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The Dark
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Same things that are subpar with everyone's self-made routines, so don't feel bad: too much volume; too much push/not enough pull; too much quad/not enough ham; leg extensions are knee wreckers; rest-pause is not necessary. -3X
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I see your point will scratch the extensions from the lower sessions. and for the upper sessions i will remove one push excersice and add in 2sets of band pullaparts and 2 sets of dumbbell shrugs. the volume might be a bit on the high side still tho. I really enjoy trying to build a routine even if i know there is tons of proven routines that will work on the internet.

The volume is not really that high tho it is a 4day a week program and it does only have a few more sets per day than PHATS 5day a week program has each day
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FWIW I have been doing band pullaparts before every workout. At least 60 total reps.
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