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Help me help Mommy16611

hollyhopeful5678 private msg quote post Address this user
Ok so my Mom was finally motivated by me to do something about her weight. So we found her maintenance calories, subtracted 300 cals and did a macro split of 50/25/25. I did her food shopping and watched her MFP log daily. She's been spot on.

One week later, she weighed in.

She's UP 2 pounds.

Huh? Now I feel like an ass and she's really upset, poor thing. What gives? Ideas?
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Tamere02 private msg quote post Address this user
Tbh there are many possibilities to why this is..

Maybe you overestimated her maintance kcals?
Maybe she use to under-consume carbs and going from that to 50% of kcals has lead to water retention?
High sodium and retaining water?

If your mother isn't the insecure type and wouldn't mind weighing in every day to get a weekly average I would recommend that as it will take out the chance of the weekly weigh in being wrong due to hydration levels. This would help see if the kcal amount is wrong.

And my personal opinion is that water weight is to blame, you have been on the boards long enough and have enough knowledge to not overestimate her maintenance to the point of a 2lb weight gain a week.
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Beans private msg quote post Address this user
If she were that far over her maintenance, she would probably feel like she is eating a ton of food. You can't really go off of one week. She probably wasn't eating a consistently before she started tracking, her weight would fluctuate a few pounds daily anyways. She should keep at it. If the weight still goes up, then you over estimated. My guess would be that you have to wait to find her true weight since she just started tracking.
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Kansas___Boyyyyy private msg quote post Address this user
Give us her numbers
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ehukai private msg quote post Address this user
Continue for 3 more weeks weighing daily and you'll see progress. One weigh in doesn't mean shit. IF she's still not losing weight in a couple weeks adjust cals accordingly
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by Kansas___Boyyyyy
Give us her numbers

Make sure ur not using her foreseen activity level and ur using her current activity level prior to dieting.
So most overweight people are undereating daily and have days of massive overeating and that's why they pile it on cause their weekly average is in a surplus !!
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hollyhopeful5678 private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks so much guys. We have both calmed down and she is going to keep at it. Lots of great ideas here that really made sense. I definitely think there was the under/over eating cycle. I tried to explain the "it's a marathon" thing.....
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LVjack private msg quote post Address this user
Does she feel bette/healthier when she eats well? At her age she should focus on how eating healthy makes her feel. If you focus on the scale you're setting yourself up for failure (in speaking of an average person just trying to be healthy).

Same goes for exercise. If she is doing it for calories burned it won't last. At her age she needs to focus on how doing exercise that makes her feel so that she enjoys it and it's a lifestyle change and not just another diet.

FACT: Diets don't work, people almost always gain the weight back and studies show additional weight is usually gained as well. A lifestyle change in both eating and exercise that is enjoyable and sustainable is the only thing that works in the long run.

Best of luck! I think it's great you're helping your Mom. Make sure to let her eat some chocolate on Mothers Day!
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qtdreams92 private msg quote post Address this user
omg that is so well said @LVjack !
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LVjack private msg quote post Address this user
@qtdreams92 Oh thanks
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