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Hey guys. Need some input.

First and foremost, I have been running StrongLifts 5x5 for the past few weeks and have made some great progress so far for the most part. Other than my bench being weak as all hell I am happy with it. My question is, is there a certain point where you will "top out" on strength gains before you switch to hypertrophy? I have heard the story about the more muscle you have, the more you could potentially lift. Which is fine, but I am wondering if it is common to get to a point where you jut sort of plateau and strength gains are slow if barely moving at all.

Today for example, SL called for 5x5 squats at 230lbs. By the last set I was grinding hard but got all 5 reps. 230 is a decent weight for me since I was cleared to train again after a fibula fracture in late February.

Basically I am wanting to avoid doing a lean bulk until after my wedding in August. So I have been doing this on a cut which I imagine that may be part of the factor as well when it comes to recovery. What do you guys think?

Second question. For heavy squats, at what point would you think it's best to invest in some equipment to help stabilize your legs as you lift? I am looking at the SBD or Sling Shot knee sleeves in particular. I noticed the last couple sets of squats today felt a little shaky and I would definitely be more comfortable with extra support.
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Couple quick ideas to share:

- Cutting will definitely hurt your ability to add weight on 5x5

- 5x5 is a linear program where you add 5 lbs. every week. Obviously this is not sustainable. That's why some of the more advanced lifters do DUP (Daily Undulating Periodization), RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion), or 531 (which is based on 90% of your 1RM) or some other kind of "wave" program.

- I've thought about adding knee sleeves myself but many of the best squatters on this forum do not normally wear sleeves. If I had to guess, I'd say that 400 lbs. is a good point to add sleeves. But I'm very curious to hear from others when it makes sense to start wearing knee sleeves for squats.
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Thanks for the input. I figured a cut would slow my progress and I expected that. Until I was excited about the gains and then they began to slow down. I will have to look at switching things up to 531 or something similar. Would I still encounter similar issues on a cut after a bit of training though? I'm not sure I enjoy the idea of grinding the same weight for the next few months until my wedding has past.

I want to keep strength loss at a minimum while I am cutting so I am not sure if I should switch things up to keep things interesting but not drop too much in the strength realm.

I almost feel like knee sleeves would be dependent upon a person's situation. But then again I don't know. Like would it be something if you feel you need the support then get them? I wouldn't say it would necessarily be based off weight since everyone will have their own numbers. But I really don't know.
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I'm currently weighting around 190 and squatting around 480 and have never used knee sleeves or a belt. I'd also be curious when and why one should start wearing sleeves. The strongest guy I've ever worked out with was around 200lbs and had a 600+lb squat and was against wearing knee sleeves or belts. The only reason he gave me was because he didn't want to ever had to be dependent on anything. Probably not the best reason bc of possible injury but he was a different breed all together.
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Well it does seem like it may not be necessary to jump to sleeves then but I am still curious. I am at 159 as of this morning and as mentioned at a 230 squat for 5x5 after coming off an injury. So I am happy with those numbers but I want them higher. I think they would be good to have for heavier weights to prevent injury and things but I am wondering at what point should one look at adding them. It kinda seems to be unknown from what I am finding out so far.
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I use rehband knee sleeves. I started using them after running a program during which I was heavy squatting 3x a week, my knees started getting kind of sore. Started wearing these for heavy squats, pain went away. They don't make your lifts go up or anything like knee wraps. I see them as a nice thing to have, but not necessary by any means. If your knees are feeling shaky, I wouldn't recommend getting them to offset that, you'll just have to get stronger.
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I was kind of thinking about that as well. Maybe slow it down on the progression or keep in minimal so I can build the strength in my knees. It's not necessarily to get my lifts up. More to prevent injuries or the shakiness. I'll keep that in mind.
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I'd like to know this too, as well as the opinions on what weight do people usually add belts.
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I have a belt that I used for the first time the other day. I am honestly not a fan of wearing them. Maybe I will change my mind when I get to heavier weight. But for now, I would rather lift without.
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