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Trouble testing RMs16506

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Hey guys and gals, this week is my testing week post cube kingpin cycle+deload. The thing is that I felt like my strenght didn't go down and my estimated RMs was all better than my maxes last time I tested.

Also, each time I tested maxes in the past, I did beat my estimated maxes.

I went to the gym yesterday and today tryed both time to max out deadlift. Estimated max was at 442 and both time I didn't even move 405 which I already got to knee level in the past. I barely slept for the last two nights, could this be the problem or I gotta just give up and continue the journey with my previous RM which I can still hit?

I was also wondering if someone ever experienced the same thing going out of cube cycle. I think that the program got me better at rep but it rarely hit high % like I was used to when running advanced 5/3/1. So I'm like unused to handle heavy loads.
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SOLARSUPLEX private msg quote post Address this user
I would just add 5-10lb to your true trested max and then run the program using normal percentages. That way the rep work will be slighlty heavier. how long since you hit that last max? Give it at least 6-8 weeks of training IF NOT MORE to see an improvement.

But ya know, go down the list.

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_RudeCrew private msg quote post Address this user
Sleep can play huge part in it BUT I will say I had the same experience with cube. Ive found I respond way better to hitting heavy weights quite often.
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MMB private msg quote post Address this user
@SOLARSUPLEX yeah well the cycle is 9weeks + deload I am now at last 11 weeks from last testing. Will put everything together and see what I can get next week! Thanks bud.

@_RudeCrew I feel kinda same way, though I don't wanna blame the program itself. The best strenght I've ever gain was from advanced 5/3/1 like I said and that was making me hit something near 1MR every 3 weeks.
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WinnersNeverQuit private msg quote post Address this user
I gained a lot of strength on squat and deadlift from the programme, but as you say it could be sleep or simply it could just not work for you.

Also... ERM are 9/10 times out by some amount. Whenever I max out I choose my 3 attempts as follows, based off of my previous 1RM.

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Some days might just feel off, if you're stressed or worried for whatever reason or simply tired and your body wants to rest instead! We're only human.. and you will come back stronger next time.
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