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Advice on powelifting for a half newbie16417

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I've been working out for 18 months give or take and in the clues of those 18 months I've fought off two injuries delaying my training. I've lost a lot of fat and gained a bit of muscle. My bench is 335 and my deadlift is 485 and squat is 375. Just wondering what the satandars are for say a 240lb weight class and if you think I have the potential to make a poweifting comp or potentialy do well based on my current lifts.
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mikew private msg quote post Address this user
Posted this link in my log - - it will give you an idea. Many competitive PLs are in the advanced or elite range. But youre competing against yourself so don't let an imaginary standard stop you from gaining experience. Every pro was a beginner at some point.
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SRorhrbac0808 private msg quote post Address this user
All you fuckers trying to compete against each other and win first place and trying to be "competitive". Fuck that. I have close friends I train with that compete and tell
Them the exact same shit I'll say here....Just get your ass up on the platform and compete. It's doing a lot more then the mother fucker sitting on the side line not doing shit and talking about it. Everyone is so worried what numbers so and so is putting up in their class. Who Fucking cares? Just do better each meet and maybe one day you will be some what alpha. But probably not.... My first comp there was 9 people in my clas. I didn't even know I was in 2nd until they called awards. The whole day kids were coming up to me asking what my weight was. I told them. They hung their head. And walked away. I didn't know why... Because I was worried about no one but myself and doing the best I could. And the guy in my class who beat me I was psyching him up before a lift and congradulating him when he killed it.

Just train your ass off. Do a comp. And have a blast. It's a lot of fun. Don't worry about any mother fuckers out there but yourself and hitting 3 PRs.
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