So here are my current 1rpm, and I am looking to increase my 1rpm, on all lifts, primarily i would like to see increase in Strict Overhead and Squat as I feel they are my worst right now. With squat its really my form I seem to lean forward and put more pressure on lower back, - started video taping. So I hope to correct my form and hopefully that will increase my squat.

* means actually lifted amount in past 6 months. Otherwise it is Calculator calculated.

Bench - 230*
Squat - 280
Leg press Seated - 815*
Overhead Strict Press - 145*
Clean and Jerk - 215
Dead lift - 360*
Upright row - 250*
One arm dumb bell rows -135lb dumbells* (270 total)
Front Squat -185

So I obviously have to put in alot of work to reach my goals.

So my goals overall to reach in next 15months. Not sure if probable.
Bench - 255
Squat - 370
Leg press Seated - 915
Overhead Strict Press - 195
Clean and Jerk - 265
Dead lift - 450
Upright row - 290
One arm dumb bell rows -150lb dumbells (300 total)
Front Squat -240
Snatch - anything above 180, i think.

I weigh 158lbs and am around 5ft 7.
So basically I am looking for a program that would help me improve most of my lifts. I do them now, and I basically do a variation of the phat, with most my main lifts being 5 by 5's with 60 up to 80% of max most days. Rest follow phat, but i tend to stay away from anything over 15 reps.