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DaveShredder private msg quote post Address this user
I've just come out of surgery and have been strictly told that I can't do any form of physical activity for at least 2-3 weeks.

How do I best minimize the chance of muscle loss during these few weeks of recovering?

Do I just eat at maintenance and hope for the best?
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LVjack private msg quote post Address this user
My personal opinion would be eat maintenance but have protein be at a fairly high rate. 2-3 weeks isn't terrible long so don't worry all too much. Muscle doesn't disappear that quick. Strength might go down a bit but that will return quickly as well.
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darklight79 private msg quote post Address this user
Some of my patients who workout have posed this problem to me too. I just tell them muscle atrophy takes around 3 weeks of not training.
And whatever strength loss they experience is mostly neural. Just do what @LVjack suggested. Keep your nutrition up.
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kozzletoff private msg quote post Address this user
I had ACL surgery last year and was devastated that I couldn't work out, but I decided to listen to the doc and just rest (until I was cleared to lift upper body in 2 weeks and went to the gym on crutches). You just had surgery, your body needs to recover. If you're that worried, get a light dumbbell and do some curls or extensions if your doc allows it, but don't exert yourself too much - I did this out of boredom a few times. But I remember losing quite a bit of muscle (or so I thought) but it came back fairly quickly when I went back to my routine. In fact I was in the best shape of my life aside from my small left leg about 3 months after the surgery. But for now, don't eat like shit as those two said and just relax - watch a show or something. I remember I watched all of Breaking Bad in about 6 days that was the best
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Southeastbrah private msg quote post Address this user
I had a motorbike accident couple weeks ago it gave me couple road rash injuries on my left foot,knee,right calves,left forearms, and both knee caps I also broke my left ankle. no surgeries needed tho but it left me being not able to walk for six weeks,I'm still recovering now. I didn't lose too many muscle mass during those weeks because I consumed excess calories.
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Rawsteel private msg quote post Address this user
No physical activity what so ever? Not even taking walks?
I was recently away for 5 weeks myself because of a couple of small injuries and i am actually surprised how little i lost, and the small amount that i did loose came back in about half the time i was gone (~2 weeks).
My advice is to stay as active as you can (taking walks etc) because there's nothing as catabolic as inactivity, and ofc, eat maintenance and keep your protein high.
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DaveShredder private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the advice.
I ended up eating at maintenance and found no visible muscle or strength loss in my upper body.

Because I couldn't walk at all for a good 1-2 weeks I found I lost quite a lot of size and strength in my legs.

Hitting the gym after 2-3 weeks off was tough but I'm back at it, upper body is just about where I was pre-surgery. However my legs have some catching up to do.
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