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I have been squatting 3x per week on DUP, and usually every 5-6 weeks, my left hip flexor starts burning out so I take a week off as sort of a deload/recovery. but when I get back, I usually have to reset my weight by about 2 weeks. so its like 6 steps forward, 2 steps back.
so my question is, for the week I take off of squatting, can I just replace it with the deadlift using the same intensity/reps as the squat as a way to let my hip get better without losing as much strength? or will the lack of squatting effect my maxes regardless of what I do with my legs?
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Next time your body needs a deload try about 50% for around 3 sets of 5 and cut accessory sets in half. Really focus on technique that week and you should come back just fine... But everyone is different so you will have to find what works... My first powerlifting meet I took off 10 days before the meet and hit all PRs
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