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Have you ever had that feeling16280

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Where the bar feels like thin air at the bottom of the bench press, and your rib cage feels like solid steel?

What gave you this feeling?

For me it was long count no touch bench, but EK would recommend to never do this because of shoulder stuff so I don't wanna tell anyone its great, safety first and all that.
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I experience something similar... I call it "getting upside down" or "flipping the bar".

Basically, after getting into a GREAT position and unracking the weight I tilt my eyes upward and at that point my sense of what's up and what's down kind of goes away. My perspective is totally different than a "plain" bench press movement that goes straight up and straight down.

Everything rotates slightly. The bar does not drop straight down, it moves at an angle so I can load up my lats and maximize my arch. Then my chest comes up to meet the bar and I wait for the press command.

I'm relying on torque, leverage, tightness, etc. to offset gravity. Afterward, it doesn't feel like I was lying down or even moving the weight vertically. It just feels like I was bench pressing.

So what gives me this feeling?

- Good set up
- Tightness, focus, good energy, etc.
- Good spot/lift off
- Good bar path
- Move chest up to meet bar

Hope this helps. Can anyone else relate?
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