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TyrannosaurusFlex private msg quote post Address this user
Just wanted to get you guys in on this. Joe DeFranco (one of the best coaches in the world) recently released the first episode of his new podcast - the industrial strength show. I really liked it, check it out:
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
No time at mo... In summary ???

aka what did he say.
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mikew private msg quote post Address this user
in 4 summary
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GrizzlyBerg private msg quote post Address this user
Here you go you lazy bastards

- No podcasts from coaches working w/ elite level athletes, wants to fill that void

- He plans on being the filter to weed out the bull shit from the internet gurus

- No bias toward any method/companies

- He wants people who stood the test of time as guests on the show, represent the "Industrial Strength Lifestyle"

- Some stuff about stealing bases in baseball

- Using a lacrosse ball for hip/glute for lower back pain

- stretching and stuff for pecs and lats to alleviate shoulder pain

- Deadlift tips = flat shoes, create torque at hips, push knees into forearms (feel glutes contract), pull slack out of bar (lats on tension), head in line with spine, deep breath, brace, think about leg pressing weight off floor --> video on his blog

- no single exercise to replace deadlift (if they cannot be performed)--> 45 degree back raises, hip thrusts, pull throughs, reverse hypers, upright sled drag, shrugs, band pull aparts, rows

- Dynamic Day --> guideline for percentages, 40-70% of 1RM, depends on quality and speed, multiple sets (5-12 sets) of low reps (2-3 reps), speed usually increases because the "nervous system gets jacked up," need to account for bands or chanins (if being used)--> need to drop bar weight

- be ready to autoregulate (programing) when it comes to power training

- prefers (feels better) smaller and more frequent meals, fat people trying to lose should spread meals out, skinny people trying to gain should try and smash 3 very large meals

- some dude called Joe out for his atheletes having skinny legs, Joe says they have big asses and thighs but have thin lower legs because we are looking at the length of their achilles tendons (equates to storing more elastic energy, responsible for speed and jumping ability) --> embraces skinny calfed atheletes

- Talked about WWE atheletes --> will have Triple H on the show (and the S&C Coach for the WWE)

- CPPS cert in UK --> just got done creating online program, cant get cert anywhere in world soon

- No longer has gym in NJ, now in Austin, Texas

- Top 5 assistance exercises for Bench

#1- Board Press w/ Narrow Grip
#2- Weighted Dips
#3- Overcoming Isometrics at Sticking Point (driving bar into pins for 3-5 seconds at sticking point)--> works but tough on joints
#4- DE Bench w/ bands --> learn explosion through rep, most people apply just enough force to finish rep (ex 275 lbs on bar, press with 276 lbs). Bands and chains teach athlete to press with full potential
#5- Upper Back like a Bodybuilder (ex: DB Row w/ peak contraction, band pull aparts)

- Top 5 assistance exercises for Squat

#1- Weighted 45 degree Back Raises
#2- 5-6 sec Eccentric Barbell Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats
#3- Deadlift (traditional and sumo)
#4- DE Squats w/ Band and Chain (same reason as bench)
#5- Safety Squat Bar (SSYoke Bar) --> forces to stay upright

- Top 5 assistance exercises for Dead

#1- Barbell Hip Thrusts
#2- Rack Pulls set @ knees (what the baord press is to BP, Rack pulls are to Deadlift)
#3- Deficit Deads (increase ROM, generate speed up to where initial pull starts)
#4- Squats, box squats mainly
#5- Pulling against bands (awesome for grip and sticking points)

- Preworkout (non stim)
Shroom Tech Sport from Onnit --> helps with oxygen utilization
Drinks beet juice (beet elite powder) --> increase Nitric Oxide, anti-inflammatory
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
@GrizzlyBerg Fair play to you man... thanks for that.
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Rand private msg quote post Address this user
@GrizzlyBerg great summary thanks
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the1 private msg quote post Address this user
thanks @grizlyberg, awesome
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GrizzlyBerg private msg quote post Address this user
@FiremanSi @Rand @the1 glad I can help
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darklight79 private msg quote post Address this user
@GrizzlyBerg This lazy bastard thanks you profusely.
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