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New interview with Frank Zane by IFBB Pro Ar16233

TimmothyGen private msg quote post Address this user
Basically if you don't want to watch the whole thing Artemus asks him a bunch of questions on the old school days and what Franks opinion on modern day bodybuilding. Now the interesting topic is Isolation Vs compounds.
Yes I know this training method worked for Zane because he was on the good stuff BUT he recommended if you want a physique that's proportionate and symmetrical like his or reeves you need too focus on the isolation and on each muscle like the deltoids, biceps,triceps,lats,chest and legs etc. He also continues to say that squats or deadlifts make you blocky etc and he regrets doing them heavy. The theory is either one of these training styles work they both work but which is more optimal and gives the best results.
IMO I think both will as long as your rest and diet is in check. Opinions?
Many say he's just salty towards deadlifts and squats because of his injuries. I defineatly want to pay my dues and learn the movements but he does point out some good facts about the waist and all.
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Beans private msg quote post Address this user
Not going to watch the whole thing, but lot's of interesting things you brought up. It's funny how he says he regrets doing heavy compounds when he is known for having one of the least blocky physiques ever. Was it just because of his injuries?

I definitely agree that there are advantages to doing both compound lifts and isolation. I ran 10x10 for a while years ago. I loved it. Put on some real good size on my back and legs. But I also had to neglect doing shoulders from different angles, calves, different arm exercises, etc. I definitely noticed that I had grown disproportionate on some areas.
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TimmothyGen private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah I agree around his retiring years like the 1979-80 he looked a bit blocky but the way he posed with a tilt did good. People told him he had to get bigger and reach the 200pb but that made him look bad
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Callofthehounds private msg quote post Address this user
Squats and deadlifts are fun doe.
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Kansas___Boyyyyy private msg quote post Address this user
calves of FUCKING PEACE at his age
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