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need help please (vets please )16154

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ok so i want to get down to 10 percent . now the problem i had shoulder surgery 1.5 years ago and it healed well last week it came out . Now it wasn't a full cause the wires in shoulder saved it . i have full range of motion however this is how it popped out . I was down with a shoulder session and then got in car and reached in back seat with seat belt on and boom it came out . so i have no insurance but i know how to rehab it via web ..but more importantly its not hurt like crazy bad i still have full range of motion and will clearly ramp weight.

question what exercises should i never do and what exercises can i do that will get me a body cause at first i am like i should retire from lifting heavy cause this is such a major inconvenience and now after surgery still happens . so yea anyone with help or suggestions thanks

oh yea i am 5'7 160 pounds probably 18 percent bodyfat ..but i am like should i just run and run or what since stupid shoulder everytime i get near heavy weight and beast boom its out
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its gotten to the point where if seat belt on does that i hate to even do squats .. i dont know if i should give up gettin huge or what ...cause i know barbell and dumbbells and free weight build the body .. anyhow really not complaining i just don't wanna be injured anymore
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