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Larsinydre private msg quote post Address this user
Hello I am roughly 9 pounds overweight according to a BMI reading at a gym I just signed up to. I bought some T5 fat burner pills because I want to lose the weight fast. Will the pills still have effect if I do weights while taking these pills or do you think I should strictly focus on cardio to get down to an ideal BMI weight and then start to do weights(dumbells, bench etc),
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Eat2Trainn247 private msg quote post Address this user
@Larsinydre If there were a fat burner that worked then America wouldn't have the current obesity epidemic...waste of $$$.

BMI is beyond flawed for even the slightly athletic individual.

Focus on building a strong nutritional foundation and staying consistent in the gym. Tracking food intake to establish a maintenance level of kcals in addition to consistent training is the next logical step
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Larsinydre private msg quote post Address this user
Most people on the review sections on the websites that I checked for the product I bought gave it 4 or 5 stars and said how they lost roughly 4 pounds in one week but if you insist it doesn't work then i'll just listen to you. By the way i look in proportion for my height... It's my stomach I'm focusing on lol. I can see slight abs on my stomach but need to lose more fat around the stomach area for them to show more. Any suggestions, routines or general advice? Thanks!
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Kansas___Boyyyyy private msg quote post Address this user
i can lose over 12 pounds in a day doesnt mean anything. Please read our FAQ thread at the top of the forum.
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Larsinydre private msg quote post Address this user
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Beans private msg quote post Address this user
@Larsinydre Those people rating the product probably just started watching their diet, and as @Kansas___Boyyyyy said, a fluctuation of a few pounds is nothing. A day or two of eating less and dropping water weight, and there you have 4 or 5 pounds. Doesn't meant they are going to be successful losing fat. I'd check out the FAQ thread.
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SOLARSUPLEX private msg quote post Address this user
A lot of those pills just work to up your heart rate and suppress appetite. Do as mentioned and read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) at the top of our forum.

Once you think you have a decent handle on the nutrition portion, post your findings in here and a plan that you can follow.

Dont come in here and tell me you are gonna eat 400g protein and thats it.

Welcome to the site that is going to change your life.
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Eat2Trainn247 private msg quote post Address this user
@Larsinydre I completely understand where you are coming from. However, when most people begin a "diet" in addition to using a fat burner, the weight loss comes primarily because they restrict calories big time, specifically calories from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates hold water in the body. When we suddenly limit carbohydrate intake, there is an accompanying loss of water; thus, most initial weight loss is just water loss.

You're best bet is as mentioned above--track food intake and weigh your self then see how much you ate each day over a week long period and see how it affected your weight. Gained weight? Intake may need to slightly decrease.

Nutrition Priorities:
1. kcals in v kcals out dictates weight change
2. choosing nutrient-dense carbs, proteins, fats and adequately hydrating
3. focusing on fruits, vegetables and fiber
4. nutrient timing
5. Supplementation

Focus on the top 3 before even considering supplements
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SOLARSUPLEX private msg quote post Address this user
@Eat2Trainn247 care to expand on #4?

I also completely agree, great advice.
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
Curious on this one too. Have long been taught that nutrient timing is largely irrelevant. -3X
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Larsinydre private msg quote post Address this user
@Eat2Trainn247 Thanks, best feedback. I understand your point a lot more!
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Eat2Trainn247 private msg quote post Address this user
@eknight @SOLARSUPLEX absolutely, happy to explain my own opinions.

Yes, I agree that research supports that nutrient intake is largely irrelevant, specifically for total kcals in/out throughout a day as well as being just fine hitting daily protein goal.

However, I placed that there as a point to address once ducks # 1-3 are in a row. Nutrient timing, in my opinion can make a small impact in a couple different situations:

1. protein intake- it is better to maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis (MPS) multiple times during the day versus one large bolus feeding and multiple insignificant amounts that fail to reach leucine threshold. In essence, the timing of protein becomes important.

2. 9pm workout followed by a 5am workout? It would be in one's best interest to prioritize slightly more CHO post-workout to replenish glycogen stores as much as possible prior to the 5am workout

3. Bodybuilding prep? As CHO intake becomes lower, it would behoove an individual to place CHO primarily around training to fuel a workout and replenish glycogen stores

4. Insulin Resistant, obese client? It may be best to prioritize CHO intake around training.

5. Novel research is starting to surface regarding metabolic/nutrient programming in which consuming certain foods at certain times/in conjunction with certain nutrients may dictate your body's acute preferential fuel source. Example: consuming high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carbohydrate breakfast has been demonstrated to shift metabolism into burning preferentially burning fat to start the day (best if knocked into state of "nutritional ketosis" so if one prolongs carbohydrate intake to start the day it MAY impact fuel source use (my thought). Again, very new and needs a LOT more research, but worth mentioning

My point in mentioning it was merely to state that it is significant in specific situations and if all other ducks in a row, nutrient timing may contribute a small % benefit to your ultimate goal(s).

My 2 cents!
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Eat2Trainn247 private msg quote post Address this user
Another consideration I pondered as completing my weekly food prep...

-If one lifts fasted/BCAA's, timing of post-workout protein becomes more important
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SOLARSUPLEX private msg quote post Address this user
The BCAA's are one that i thought about, it technically is nutrient timing since its more beneficial when training fasted vs non fasted.

The entire first post was eye opening, had not thought about any of that.

Glad you didnt say "6 meals a day with no carbs in the morning."

@Larsinydre There is a wealth of info on these boards. Read as much as you can and learn what to believe and what not to believe.
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Eat2Trainn247 private msg quote post Address this user
@SOLARSUPLEX I actually was a huge proponent of BCAA's + simple CHO pre-training first thing in the a.m. as I usually train about 530am. Pretzels + BCAA's for the win...or so I thought...

I spoke with a lot of intelligent minds this weekend who strongly recommended to me consuming an EAA supp or complete protein rather than BCAA's to optimally stimulate MPS. I am going to switch over to whey + pretzels moving forward as this will then negate the importance of post-training timing. Iwill utilize BCAA's post-workout and casually get my next meal in within 60-90 minutes.
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