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Hello SS,

So I wanted to check in and get some feedback on diet/lifts/etc.

I'm 38 / 5'11 / 185 / maybe 13% bf??

I haven't done a 1RM in months, here are my current working set lifts following a 6 day PPL split:

OHP: 5x3x135
DB Flat Bench: 5x3x90
Back Squats: 5x3x275
Deadlifts: 5x3x275

I'm also a runner. So that's my cardio. I tend to run anywhere from 15-40 miles a week and vary the pace such that some would be HIIT and other days more of a lower/moderate intensity run.

I'm following an IIFYM approach with the goal of cutting a few more lbs of fat to be shredded--If you click on my link and see some of my other posts, I've been fat my whole life. So, I really want to shred down a bit more as I still have some pudge mixed with loose skin around my midsection and I want to be a bit more vascular for beach season. =)

My macros are as follows.
Kcal : 2200
Carbs: 296
Protein: 129
Fat: 56

My weight has been slowly and steadily dropping and I'm still getting stronger in my lifts and leaning out so I feel like I'm heading in the right direction. I guess I was just looking for thoughts, maybe a little bit of affirmation that I'm not doing anything glaringly wrong as I transition from a 30 year period of "trying to lose weight" to wanting to put on some lean mass over the next few months!

I can't tell you how informative this site is.. I hope it's ok if I stick around for a while!

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THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
When is the last time you calculated your BMR? I think your calories look a bit low especially considering all the running you do.

You probably already know how to do it, but there is some info here to figure our your BMR:

If you really want to build lean mass you're going to have to either up your calories slowly, stop running so much, or do a bit of both.
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@wannabemuscular Thanks! Yeah I know..I'm still living in lala land where I can run and get lean and stronger. =)

I have some races planned this season so I can't give up on my running, that's why I'm still focused on cutting. Plus, I did the last 3 decades at near 40% bf--so I really want to go all out and see what I'm capable of by and for the summer!

I'll cut back on running over the winter and try to bulk up slowly. As for the RMR, I just used the iifym calculator on their site and came up with BMR of 1950, TDEE of 2938 (setting exercise to 6 days/week). Using their "reckless" setting for cutting of 25%, I get 2200 cals..

Thanks again! Love this forum!

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THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
Good stuff. Looks like you have all your calculations setup well. I understand your desire to get as lean as you can at this point. I've been up and down in weight a couple times in my life and I know it's hard to break out of that "fat guy mentality".

Maybe just consider not using the "reckless" option? Increase cals slightly and keep up with the running? You might be surprised to find that you still continue to lean out, but have better results with your lifting.
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wxfreekj private msg quote post Address this user
@wannabemuscular You mean I can eat more!?! Ha.. I am thinking I might try that.. Thanks again.
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Tamere02 private msg quote post Address this user
I personally think you used the wrong exercise setting for your calculations.

You might be in the gym 6x a week but IMO you should have taken account the running and chose the everyday/ twice daily or the daily+ physical job.

If your losing at an appropriate rate then keep doing what your doing.

Also might get some stick for saying this but I think your running a bit low on protein for your size and would personally recommend upping them a tad.
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Thanks @Tamere02! Yes, selecting either of those options ups me into the 2500-2600 kcal range.. hmm..that does sound delicious. All good stuff to consider. I'm so used to having to lose lose lose and wanting to as fast as I can, it's hard to cut slower--if that makes sense?
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Added a few 100 calories yesterday--up to 2400. Felt strong last night lifting and running... woke up this AM a lil lighter. Thanks for the advice...think I'll stick with the upped kcal for a few weeks and see what happens.
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