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Hey Guys Whats Going on? New to the forum but been lifting on and off for about 8 years, with recent years more consistently.

Took Two Months off due to golfer's elbow and going to Thailand (push ups and abs, with pull ups when I could haha). Been lifting for about a month now again with about two weeks into my PHAT program. I have done this before and had great strength, size and definition gains. If I am feeing good I will do a 6th or 7th day, which are usually "wild card" days and will be focused on some LISS cardio and abs/calves/light chest.

Current Stats:
5'8" 180 Lbs
Pics: My first posting: *First 3 pics are last year at 160, rest from the bottom are current.

Goal: Really just to continue lifting, build muscle while lowering bodyfat, which I know can be a difficult task. Proportion is very important to me. Not to sound like a broken record, but the Frank Zane proportion and size is definitely something I would like to go for.

Macros is currently the following (IIFYM)
Calories ~2700
Protein:165-185g (*I am usually on the higher end)

Squat Max: (405, last year.)
Deadlift: 365
Bench: 295* (275x5, Never really 1 rp maxed) I do dumbbell press more often 120s are my max.
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Since Im already two weeks into it, I will just start from today:

Bent over rows 6/3/135
Rack chins:BW+45/12/10/8
Seated cable row: 130/12,160/12, 190/8
Dumbbell rows against an incline bench:90/15
Close grip pulldowns:130/20,160/12 drop set to 130/8
Seated dumbbell presses:110/12,130/11, 140/9
Upright rows:100/12, 100/8 drop set 80/6
Lateral Raises W/Dumbbell: 40/18, 40/12 drop set to 35/7, 40/11, drop set to 30/5, then 20/5
Standing Delt Flys: 30/12/3

Really good day today for the cable rows. Felt great really got a good pinch at the back of the movement. I always have to do delt flys on shoulder day, they are my favorite exercise and really bring out vascularity and round out a good day.
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hey man, good keep it going just curios 2700 for 180 lb and you work out nearly everyday seem to be a bit low for me do you gain weight on the scale im 140 pounds i workout for 3 times a week for 2 hours with some liss cardio , stretching and consume about 2800 and gain just like 0.5 pounds a week ?
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@Sharkoon1 Hey man thanks for the support, appreciate it. I am not necessarily going for any weight gain at this time, and based on IIFYM and maintaining, rather it be 6/days/week I workout or 5 days (intense*) I am registering about ~2700 Calories. I always get my Macros, so I not feeling weak or tired from the lifts. Although I am at ~2700 based on IIFYM, I still tend to go a little higher than that half of the week, ~3000. Gaining or losing weight is not as important versus what I see in the mirror and in my lifts.Thats awesome you are gaining weight to that extent, good for you man! Thats a good constant weight to be putting on.
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Today was lower body Hypertrophy. Big Focus today was holding it in the hole for squats to try and make sure my form is where it should be for heavier lifts:

Squats 8/3 @ 205
Hack Squats 3/9 @ 270
Leg Press 2/14 @ 270
Leg Extensions: 3/15 @ 220
Romanian Deadlifts: 3/10 @ 205
Lying Leg Curl: 2/13 @ 115
Seated Leg Curl: 2/16 @ 95
Standing Calf Raise: 4/15 @ 235
Seated Calf Raise: 3/18 @ 135

Hack squats are really a killer exercise at least for me. I really feel it not only in the quads but in the core a lot as well. Similar to a front squat in that sense. Leg extensions also give you that good pump. Wasn't feeling too crazy in the gym today but I got through it. Calves are definitely starting to get there.
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