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progress in natural ghr/russian leg curls16080

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For every muscle i like to have a free weight "main exercise" and since i have a herniated disc any form of DL's are out of the picture (squats as well), so for my hamstrings i'm left with leg curls.
But instead of having seated leg curls (a machine) as my main exercise for the hams i was thinking about trying to get strong/good at russian leg curls, but atm i'm weak as f**k in these, i can't even do 1 full rep without having to use my arms, which is wierd because i'm pretty damn strong in seated leg curls and before my back got bad i could do 3x8 RDL's with 350 lbs (2 min rest between sets, spot on form, full ROM), i'm also in pretty good form ~10% bf, 180 cm, 83 kg.
So i'm curious, how would you approach this exercise if your goal was to be able to do atleast 3x6 full reps and if you used a PPL (2 on, 1 off, 2 on) program?

I was thinking something like this, trying to hold the eccentric phase for as long as possible and use my arms as little as possible in the concentric every rep.
But is there maybe a more effective/faster way?

Leg press: 3x6/2'
Dip belt squats: 3x8 + 1x10-12/1.5'
Russian leg curl: 3x6/2'
Seated leg curl: 3x8 + 1x10-12/1.5'
Calf press in leg press: 3x8 + 2x10-15/1'
Weighted ball crunches (stop when back is neutral): 3x8 + 2x10-15/1'
Plank: 3x1 min (weighted)

And for you that don't know what a russian leg curl is here's a video of Layne Norton doing weighted full reps ->

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The Dark
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That's a pretty good set-up. Russian leg curls are brutal. -3X
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Originally Posted by eknight
Russian leg curls are brutal. -3X

They sure are, but since i've had 2 mild muscle strains at the same place in my left hamstring the last 6 months i've been a bit scared of doing them.
But my physiotherapist said that it was a good exercise to help prevent ham injuries, something the study below supports, or atleast for soccer players.
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