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New Here, Thoughts? Currently 180, Was 16016076

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Hey SS whats going on? Not new to the site, but I haven't really used the forums too much, even though it seems like a great group of people towards the right goals. *For the most part Been lifting since 06 on and off.

Currently 180, was 160 last year, took a 3 month hiatus and went up to 173, now after lifting and watching macros Im gaining weight, now up to 180. I have uploaded current pics, as well as last years pics. Currently on PHAT routine while doing other random stuff on the days I am not doing PHAT (*Cardio, abs, calves, traps.)

Diet is truly clean, but I have been noticing weight gain since starting to work out again (2 months straight after 3 month hiatus)

Do you think I shouldn't worry about changing things up and let my body adapt? I am at 2300-2500 for calories.

Here are pics from last year (*first pics) and this year, please share thoughts on where I need work. Not a competitor, but looking to be aesthetic while still having size. Thanks guys and I look forward to being active on this forum

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Frostshock private msg quote post Address this user
FAQ in case you haven't seent it yet

Looking lean dude
Goals, macros, and #'s for the big 3?
Looking to be aesthetic with size sure but about how big do you mean to get weight wise?
Also, height?

ASL? Astrology sign? Cat or dog person? Han did or did not shoot first?
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napalifter private msg quote post Address this user
Haha Thanks man, I appreciate it!

Goal is really just to continue lifting, build muscle while lowering bodyfat, which I know can be a difficult task. Proportion is very important to me.

Macros is currently the following
Calories ~2300
Protein:155-170g (*I am usually on the higher end)

Squat Max: (405, last year)
Deadlift: 365
Bench: 295* (275x5, Never really 1 rp maxed) I do dumbbell press more often 120s are my max

Weight weise, that is where I am kinda having trouble, the first pics I am at 160 where I am leaner, so i guess a good goal weight would be as lean as I am in the first pics at 170 or 175lbs.

Height is 5'8".

Haha Leo ftw and i think there proof Han shot first.

Appreciate the support man
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Frostshock private msg quote post Address this user
Haha was definitely trolling after the "ASL" but nice job on putting up with my shenanagins.

Nice lifts but 2300 cals seems super low for someone that weighs 170ish at 5'8 running PHAT of all things. Are you just coming off a cut or..? Noticed in the original post that you went on a hiatus but I would think (or hope) that you could eat more at least

P.s. yes Han did shoot first🔫
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napalifter private msg quote post Address this user
All good man no worries

Thanks man, that 405 was epic, can't do it now, leg strength seems to go fast, thank god for muscle memory.

No, I'm not coming off of a cut, I am just trying to get into the motion that I was in of counting calories and macros, and based on iifym and their "suggested" weight loss and how many days a week I workout that is what they gave me... I guess I should recalculate because Im going 7 days/week now vs. 5 that I put in. Im hitting my macro marks with even less calories, so its hard to not try not and go too crazy with any excess, since I am having no problem pushing myself in the gym. I think that a little bit more on the calorie side could help though. Sometimes I want those calories to be some fresh baked chocolate chips though, which can be tough Haha
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napalifter private msg quote post Address this user
Phat upper body power day
Warm up

Weighted Pull Ups

Weighted rack Chins

Flat dumbbell press

Weighted dips
90x5,d.s. 45x5

Dumbbell shoulder press

Cambered bar curls
100x4, d.s 80x4
100x3 d.s. 80x4

Skull crushers

One of the best days I have had in a while. Curls felt great, I kicked up the weight a little compared to the last workouts. Tough to push it without a workout partner. Looking forward to legs tomorrow!
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TyrannosaurusFlex private msg quote post Address this user
Looking good! If anything I'd say your chest could use a little bit of work, but it's a minor, minor thing.

Welcome to the forums!
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THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
Welcome to SS. Looking good. Legs look big.

Maybe start a separate thread as your log.

"napa"lifter... Are you from CA?
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napalifter private msg quote post Address this user
@TyrannosaurusFlex Thanks man, appreciate it. I will try to incorporate some chest on a wild card day

@wannabemuscular Thanks bro, yeah I was a catcher up through high school so that always helped my development there. Yeah Im from Napa, but I recently moved up to Santa Rosa. You from Norcal? Yeah Ill start a log in a seperate thread, still getting the swing of the site.

I appreciate all the feedback
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