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Healing Power of Honey and Water Combination
Posted by: Daily in Healthy Drinks, Home Remedies February 2, 2015 6,452 Views

We suppose that you know about the enormous benefits that honey have on human health, but did you know about its benefits in a combination with water like the ability for helping cleanse your lungs?

Recipe for preparing the combination of honey and water

For preparing this combination you only need one teaspoon of honey and a glass of fresh slightly warm water Mix this combination very well. After mixing it you will get a 30% honey mixture which has a composition the same as your blood plasma has. A cluster compound which increases the benefits of this mixture is created in the water by the honey. Your body easily absorbs the combination of honey and water.

Healing power of honey and water combination

– Influences on the digestive system through normalizing the digestion process and eliminating the problems with food digestion also it is powerful at resolving the problem with lazy intestines. This combination can cleanse the digestive tract of parasites and prevents their breeding. It is shown to be effective at cleansing the intestines of toxin deposits.
– It strengthens the immune system, cleans the mucus in the lungs, its great fighter against bronchitis, it is also good at treatment of clods.
– In the first days of use, you will notice change in your waist line, it will increase. But there is no need to panic. Changes occur as a result of the swelling and softening of fecal sediments because they are preparing to exit from the body.
– It starts a process of cleansing cells in your body. Antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties increase.
– This combination helps in rejuvenating the micro flora of the colon and eliminating the bacteria which leads to normalizing the work of the colon.
– The combination will solve the problems with uncontrolled and unpleasant urination at nights. Honey have the power to collect the water, and helps kidneys not to be over worked.

Ways of consuming the combination of honey and water

Honey and water combination should be drunk fast and early in the morning on an empty stomach. The water enters in the stomach thanks to the stomach valve which opens immediately and lets the water enter in the intestines, from which point it goes in our blood stream. This combination is also recommended for drinking in the evening. Drinking this beverage in the evening won’t cause any problems, but on the contrary it helps to improve the kidney’s work.

Honey-water must be drunk freshly prepared

This mixture is good for cleaning the face, by helping the skin becomes silky shiner and softer. It is the oldest but at the same time the most modern natural cosmetics.
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