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How much weight do you think a 16 year old boy has to lift to be considered strong?

My current stats are

Height ~ 5:10
Weight ~ 63kg
Deadlift ~ 120kg
Squat ~ 100kg
Bench ~ 55kg

Please note each of my lifts are 1 rep maxes. At this moment in time I know I am not considered strong for my age but would like to know and estimate of weights to lift before I am considered strong. Also size and appearance does not concern me and I am only interested in strength for now. Any advice on how to increase the weight of my lifts wouldn't be greatly appreciated. My main focus is the three I listed above.

Ps if you don't agree with anything I have said for please don't be sarcastic/rude as I am still learning and am open to learning new things.
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kickinchicken private msg quote post Address this user
I wouldn't say your strong for your weight. But you are a beginner so don't worry. Check out the FAQ and make sure you stick to a routine from it for atleast 6 months.
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TimmothyGen private msg quote post Address this user
Imo it doesn't matter how strong you are at 16. Age is just a number like lifts. Just do you and keep it simple. Eat Lift and profit
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