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Push pull ratio has me confused!15996

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Hey guys

As the title suggests I'm struggling to find an answer on the push:pull ratio. I know it's 1:2 but is it direct push to pull or anterior:posterior? I've been searching for the answer but I can't seem to find anything totally concrete. The reason I ask is because my current PPL routine seems a little out of balance:

Flat bench 5x5
OHP 4x5
CG bench 3x5
Lateral raise 3x8
Tricep PD 3x8

Deadlift 5x5
Pull up 5x5
Kroc row 5x5
Shrug 4x8
Bb curl 3x8
Face pull 4x8
Seated cable row 3x10

Squat 5x5
SLDL 5x5
Leg press 3x10
Ham curl 4x8
Hip thrust 3x8
Calves 4x15
Abs 3x12

Any pointers you could provide on my routine would also be much appreciated. I just wanna learn

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The Dark
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Anything that pushes DOES work the anterior and vice versa, so either way it's 2:1 pull:push. What you have is pretty balanced. -3X
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@eknight thanks dude! Yeah I just wasn't sure because I built it off your ppl logs as well as a couple of others and I was worried it may be a little out of whack.

I'm really loving training with a ppl over the other shit I've done! Thanks to you again!
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