Hi guys, I've joined this site after I realised how bad bb.com generally is. Being given advice by avatarless 18 year olds isn't particularly useful to me, thus after lurking here for a while I figured I'd sign up and get some decent advice.

I've been training for a couple of years, mostly using very basic fullbody strength based routines and recently transitioning to bodypart splits, however after reading through a lot of info I figured I'd give 2x per week frequency a try. I've attempted Legs/Push/Pull and did like it but was always a bit annoyed with trying to get enough work in for chest and shoulders without sacrificing one or the other. After scouting around I found a template I like and have chosen the following exercises and a basic idea of what kind of sets/reps I will likely utilise, any thoughts?


Bench Press-3x5
DB Bench-3x8-10
Rolling Extensions-3x8-12
BB Curl-3x8-12
Rope Pushdowns-3x8-12
Incline Curls-3x8-12


Back Squat (Low Bar)-3x5
Front Squat-3x8-10
Lying Leg Curls-3x10-12
Leg Press-3x10-20
Seated Leg Curl-3x10-20
Calf Raise-5x20


Pendlay Rows-3x5
Overhead Press-3x5
One Arm Row-3x8-10
Seated Cable Row-3x10-12
Side/Rear Lateral Raises-3x10-12
Face Pulls-3x10-20

Off Repeat.

Are there any glaring issues with exercise selection or volume for certain muscle groups etc?