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Barbell_Jedi private msg quote post Address this user
Hey people! This is my first post so firstly I would like to say Hey! I look forward to hopefully contributing to the forum as well as gaining as much info as possible. Also, any help at all is always greatly appreciated!

My stats are:
Age - 25
Gender - Male
Weight - 90kg
Height - 6 ft 2
BF% - 13.5%
Training age - 5 years on and off dude to injury.

Firstly I am trying to lose weight and everything is geared towards fat loss while training to maintain as much muscle/Strength. I have been following the following plan for 2 weeks and have not budged on the scales at all and gained a little strength despite my calorie intake being about 1800 =/.

My diet consists of: (Same each day) 300g basmati rice, 400g of chicken, 5 eggs (Fried in 1 tsp coconut oil)and a small amount of tomato ketchup (about a tea spoon)
A smoothie with 2 cm ginger, 1 avacardo, 3 - 4 handfuls of spinach, 3 kiwis and 200ml of almond milk.

I also have 2 whey protein shakes, Omega 3, vitamin D and ZMA.

Also I regularly fast up until around 1 and have my first meal after training which normally is around half 11.

My training consists of:

Day one: Strength training - 3x4 on Squats, bench and chins and Hyper - 2x8 on overhead press, rows chins, RDL and Bicep/tricep exercise.

Day two: Kettle-bell complex with added chins followed by 20 mins of cycling

Day three rest then repeat.

Does anybody see any flaws in this in regard to losing weight? Im pretty stumped here really and I would appreciate any input. Also the reason my diet does not vary much is because I spent all my money on my masters and need to really be careful with how I spend so I bulk buy lol.

Again all help welcome! Thanks in advance.
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THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
You're eating way too few calories. Read the faq and get your target maintenance calories then re-evaluate.
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Bucky private msg quote post Address this user
entire thing is a clusterfuck. like @wannabemuscular said, read faq and reevaluate.
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SOLARSUPLEX private msg quote post Address this user
Guess I don't really NEED to post. But I agree with the upper two posts.

Besides that, welcome to the forum. Stick around and you will learn tons.
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Barbell_Jedi private msg quote post Address this user
Obviously I know I am lower what I should be and almost everybody will say a small deficit is better for body comp goals. What I am concerned with is that I have miscalculated my calories and ended up with a 1000 calorie deficit but I am still not losing weight. From what I have read this should mean I would lose some muscle as well but still there would be a reduction in BF.

The issue is that how with such a deficit can my body not be changing. Just looking for some input into specifics rather than eat more as the laws of training do not really make sense here which is why I am seeking other opinions on what could be happening.

Also thanks for the welcome Solarsuplex!
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
Thermogenic metabolic down-regulation. At some point if your deficit is too high, your body will adjust accordingly and stop losing. -3X
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Barbell_Jedi private msg quote post Address this user
Ah ok there was me thinking the calorie in vs calorie out thing was a law! This is really interesting thanks for the input! I will read more on it and try and add some calories in the mean time. Strangely enough if this is what is happening to me it actually helping my lifts in the gym dramatically.. Ill have to learn more about it to see the cons though. Again, thanks eknight
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SOLARSUPLEX private msg quote post Address this user
You have basically broken your macros. Easy fix is to add 50 calories a week until you are back to a normalish number of calories. Hopefully with little weight gain. If you notice you are gaining weight. I'd say more than a quarter pound over the course of the week then you need to slow down on the adding of calories.
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