Basically that. Is it counterproductive to do it all on the same day?

My routine is now something like this:

Day 1

5-3-1-Deload Dead Lift x3
8-12 Straight legged dead lift x3
8-12 Back extensions x3
8-12 Leg curls x3
8-12 Jerks x3

(I back to back the back S.L. Dead lifts with the extensions and the leg curls with the jerks... so superset is the word?)

Day 2


Day 3

3 High speed inclined bench press x 3
5-3-1-Deload Bench Press x3
10-12 decilned bench press x 3
8 weighted dips x 3
8 skull crushers x 3
8 weighted pull ups x 3
8 some variation of curls... whatever I feel like x 3

Day 4

5-3-1-Deload Squats x3
8-10 Front squats x 3
8-10 Overhead squats x 3

Day 5


Day 6

5-3-1 Military Press x 3
Anaerobic WOD

Day 7


Let me know what you think!
Just for extra wording on my post: I'm at 2200-2400 Kcals. Eating around a g of protein/lb of b.w. I eat around 700 grams of red meat, everyday.