Hey guys.

If you wouldn't mind, I'd like some opinions on my current PPL set up in terms of balance and volume.

I've tried my best to use various other set-ups and PPL logs to get good push:pull ratios etc, just wouldn't mind confirmation that i'm on the right track.



Squat 5x5
leg press 4x10
hamstring curls 4x10
calf raises (seated or standing) 4x15
BB hip thrust 3x8

I'll throw in a couple of ab exercises as required on leg day too.


flat BB bench 5x5
smith OHP 3x5
close grip bench 3x5
DB lateral raise 3x8
Tricep push-down 3x8


deadlift 5x5
weighted pull-up 5x5 (currently at body weight until form allows some weight to be added)
BB row 5x5
DB shrug 3x8
BB curl 3x8
face pulls 3x8

I'm a little confused as to whether it is a direct push:pull ratio of 1:2 or if it is a ratio of chest to back. I've searched around and managed to find both answers haha!

Thanks again!