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SOLARSUPLEX private msg quote post Address this user
Weight: 177.8lb
Height: 5'11"
Age: 20
Program: Modified PHAT

I plan on cutting before the summer is upon me. I am 100% down to do strict dieting and stick too it. I can figure out the macros and what not on my own. What im curious with, is how much time before my said 'summer' should i begin to cut.

Also curious as to people who are similar size/height as me, with less body fat, how much you weigh so i can get a rough estimate as to how much weight i will be trying to drop.

I have changed phat by replacing the speed days with a more traditional hyper style workout. Higher reps with minuscule rest times.

Lately i have been running around my block just to get a bit better at running. Not for the calorie burning aspect. My block is about a half mile if that.

I have been eating 3k calories(50c/30p/20f) for the past week and a half and weight has stayed the same throughout with normal fluctuation. Im going to eat at 3k for another week, then add cals til weight starts increasing. Then about 3 weeks before this 'cut' starts, i will start bringing the calories back down to maintain and then dip into a deficit.
Photos for reference:

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csizemore21 private msg quote post Address this user
Generally 12 to 16 weeks if you plan on getting pretty lean, but you 'll be really small at your height unless you put on more quality size
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NorIda private msg quote post Address this user
I wouldn't cut for more than 6 weeks personally. Your bf isn't super high, so not worth a meticulous 12 week cut. You're not going into a comp, you're simply cutting for summer.

Ps I'm 5'11" and weigh ~205 atm. So keep on the bulk train as long as possible Imo.
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Beans private msg quote post Address this user
All depends on how lean you want to get. I'd say give yourself 10 weeks before when you want to be cut by. If you're done before that, gives you some time to reverse diet and fill out again, if you want to keep going, you'll still be lean by then anyways.
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SOLARSUPLEX private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the answer guys. Looks like i'll give myself about 10 weeks and then i can always continue to cut into summer if i havent reached my desired leanness.

@norlda im about to check if you have a log that states your macros, but how much are you eating ATM?
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cardinal private msg quote post Address this user
I cut for 10 months last year. Worst decision of my lifting life. Lost a ton of strength, size and felt like garbage to boot. 12 weeks is probably the upper limit I'd now recommend to people in one take.
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GetFitGoFigure private msg quote post Address this user
Aim for about 1 pound per week weight loss. Take progress pics to compare as well. There is a great site to help you figure out how many cals/ macros you need to achieve this.. calculator. If you want to get specific... knowing your current body fat percentage helps as well to set a goal weight.

good luck.
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Phil_Babitsky private msg quote post Address this user
Essentially the longer you take to cut the better of you will be in the long run and will be able to maintain your condition without developing an eating disorder. Of course I'm talking from a perspective of a competitive bodybuilder, but the rule of thumb is 12-20 weeks. The 500g (a bit more than 1 pound) of bodyweight per week is a good goal.
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