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starting strength or all pro on a deficit?15795

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Which routine is better if your main goal in fatloss and your on a deficit? I know all pros is a little better hypertrophy wise and starting strength is a lot better strength wise and if retaining muscle isn't the goal here ,what would be your choice?ap and ss seem to be the go to routines for complete noobs and i like the looks of both......i know this.subject has been beat to death but I'm curious
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If you've done any lifting at all, I wouldn't bother with AP. It's for super beginners, and the rep scheme of dropping weight but not reps each workout won't do anyone with any experience any good.

SS is great for being on a deficit. You can still gain strength on a cut, but not really any muscle, so might as well be productive. Also, high rep ranges tend to get harder faster on cuts, since your conditioning will take a blow, so I usually lower my reps when cutting.
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Awsome thanx dude ,I havnt really lifted heavy before as a kid i boxed a little and did 5x5 type workout for strength but i never got very strong ,i was about 180lbs and benched around 250lbs my squats and deadlifts were similar ,so I'm pretty sure I've never really lifted heavy but i think ill probaby look into to starting strength over all pros routine ,
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