Hello all, I've recently setup a program that will allow me to work out each body part twice a week but get a little more volume in.
Monday: Lower Body and Core
Tuesday: Chest Back and Arms
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Shoulders
Friday: Lower Body and Core
Saturday: Chest Back and Arms (and a bit of shoulders)

Every muscle group gets about 200 reps of work per week except for arms which get about 100 to 140 reps per week. One of the main issues I'm having (besides is this a good split and is the volume good) is where to put in 2 sprint sessions. I want my rest days to be void of everything except maybe jogging or playing basketball. So where would be the best place to put in sprint sessions? I was thinking that the morning of my lower body days would be good and then lift legs at night. So there it is. Is there anything I should adjust, add, take away?